Miley Cyrus’ Elle Photoshoot

miley_elleMiley Cyrus, the queen of Disney Channel of today, is yet again trying to grow up too fast, indicated by the photoshoot with Elle. As a sixteen year old girl whose image is needed to be clean and wholesome (since her targeted audience are preteen girls), this photoshoot clearly does not help her, especially after the Vanity Fair photoshoot debacle.

One thing I’m dumbfounded about is how Elle, a haute coutour magazine meant for late teens and older, could put a child figure on their cover, and then dress her up in those provocative attire and poses. I mean, I’ve taken a dabble into their magazines and their cover star is usually someone who has some credit to their name.

Miley Cyrus, as great as she is in the preteen kingdom, has not reached the big leagues just yet.

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