Jon & Kate Plus Over-Exposed?

TMZ reported today that cable channel TLC is beginning to grow tired  of Jon’s antics and that he’s becoming uncooperative on their hit show, Jon & Kate Plus 8.  Despite this they may still give him his own show…


I’m still amazed at how this basic cable reality show has gotten so much media attention. Ever since their marriage hit the rocks, they’ve been a permanent fixture on just about every single grocery store tabloid cover.

But with the divorce rate over 50% in America, why should I care that their marriage is falling apart?What makes them so special? So what if they have 8 test-tube born kids? Octopus-Mom has 14. This is really a prime example of a media creation. At least with nut-cases like Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan, they’re capable of occasionally making interesting music or decent movies when they’re not coked up or in rehab.   Whereas if Jon & Kate completely disappeared off the face of the earth, my life wouldn’t change one iota. They don’t contribute to the Arts in any way and they’re certainly not role-models for other test-tube families.

At best, you could say they are a cautionary tale for when nobodies stay in the spot-light too long beyond the typical 15 minutes of fame.

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