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You’re Late!

Other People On Lateness

Yesterday, I was set to meet a friend of mine to watch a movie. Unfortunately as a person without a car, I was dependent on her to pick me up. We set a time, but I knew she was going to be late as usual, so I gave her another half an hour. One and half hour later, she finally showed up.

I hate when people aren’t on time. Fifteen minutes is okay, but when it hits half an hour, pick up your phone and inform the other person you will be late! That’s what phones are meant for, to communicate. SO DO IT! I had to get ready an hour and a half earlier than I should have, and I could have gotten a lot of stuff done during that time instead of waiting for her come.

What was her answer for my annoyance? “It’s America. People expect you to be late. If you’re on time, then you’re weird” or something along those lines.

Your thoughts on others being late: Love it or Hate it?


Michael Jackson – Post Mortem

MichaelJackson_thisisitThe Love For Michael Jackson

First off, please understand I have nothing against Michael Jackson as a person.

What I am annoyed at is the abundant amount of attention being given to him after his death. People are grieving left and right, giving support to the family, and buying his merchandise like crazy. But where were they when he was alive? Where was the support from the media and the fans when he needed it the most, as he went through ridicule for child molestation and for his many plastic surgery?

It seems superficial what is happening right now.

Your thoughts: Agree or Disagree?