Rihanna’s GQ Cover

The cover of GQ’s January 2010 issue has been revealed, showing Rihanna quite exposed. Unlike most females that appear on the cover of this magazine, she is completely topless. The other pictures in the photoshoot are also quite exposing, which makes sense since the magazine is targeted towards the male population.

However, wasn’t it just mere weeks ago that she spoke on 20/20 and other interviews, mentioning how young girls see her as a role model and therefore her actions have an impact on them? Would these set of photos not count towards being an action that could set the wrong message for young females? I suppose these photos are harmless for the most part, but to have the cover photo being the chosen one, where wandering eyes nearby magazine stands can see it fully, is where I have the most problem with.

As if the cover wasn’t bad enough, the article seems to mention a lot about Chris Brown and how she has moved on from the incident. Is anyone else besides me tired of hearing about this issue? Don’t get me wrong, I sympathize what she had to go through, and Brown deserves the consequences. But we’ve heard her countless interviews, we’ve heard Chris Brown discuss it on Larry King, etc., etc. We know the story, so please stop repeating yourself!

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