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When all else fails, boobs.

To your left are web advertisements. Look at them. What’s the first thing you saw?

What these two companies, IMVU and Evony, are doing in order to market their product is definitely brilliant, but not unheard of. Sex sells, and they’re doing all they can to sell.

The two ads are for games. IMVU is a 3D virtual chat world where you can create an avatar, dress him/her up in provocative outfits, and chat with other people.

In a sense, the ads for IMVU is relevant, seeing that many people who join virtual chats are drawn by the graphics. And since we all know that behind the computer is a jobless, overweight, and hairy thirty-five year old man who still lives in his mom’s basement, the graphics for IMVU is meant to give every avatar the perfected look.

Evony, however, is similar to ‘Civilization’ where you overlook and control a village. This is nowhere near the same type of game as IMVU.

Evony’s ads then becomes very misleading. I’m sure most of their ad clicks are due to people who thinks they’ll be seeing some X-Rated action, only to be disappointed.

One can only question the success of Evony then, because if their game is top-rated, they wouldn’t need to go through such measures to lure people onto their site.

But boobage definitely seems to be working for them seeing as their ads are everywhere!


The tiking and the Toking

If you listen to the radio, you’ve probably heard the song ‘Tik Tok’ by Ke$ha, even if you were unaware of the title of the song or the upcoming artist.

How would you know? If the female singer’s voice annoys you as she sings/talks, if the female singer’s singing seems ordinary, if the singer isn’t even singing, then you know the song I’m talking about.

It seems that Ke$ha (and anyone else annoyed by the dollar sign in her name?) has been trying to make it in the music industry for a while now, and finally got her breakthrough during the early parts of 2009, according to Wikipedia (yeah I know I should try to find more reliable sources but seeing as I don’t care much for this ‘artist’, Wiki is better than nothing). ¬†Her debut song, Tik Tok, has been numero uno on iTunes for weeks now, and is definitely getting playtime on the radio.

What irks me about her after listening to her debut single is that she seems talentless. Her voice is whiny, which anyone who can speak can do, and when she sings, there’s nothing oh-so-spectacular about it. There are tons of talented musicians and singers that deserve that record label instead of her, and yet here she is. Why?!

Okay, perhaps it’s because she has the physical appearance that will make money for the record label. But then, as I start browsing the web for a picture of her that is appealing, all I could find were images similar to this:

Oh yeah, she’s definitely a hottie. Not. Perhaps that’s why in all her photos, half her face is covered behind hair and glitter.

Then, there’s this sense that she’s already famous before she has even debuted her album. Money signs replacing the “S” in her name? Glitter? Can she express her reasons for being in the music industry any further?

If anyone would care to explain the appeal of this Kesha who has a money sign in her name, if not for the looks or the talent, I’m all ears.

Beauty Trends that has GOT TO GO

Long Nails: No, I’m not talking about nails that have grown a few¬†millimeters. I’m talking about nails that have grown inches to the point where they are literally claws. I absolutely do not understand how anyone can find this attractive. For one, the nails start to curl inward, which just looks awkward. Then, because of the length of the nails, isn’t it hard to do things productively? What happens if you try to type? I bet it takes them ages to type a sentence out, since they’re more than likely pressing two keys at a time. Word of advice, ladies (and.. perhaps lads?), cutting back wouldn’t hurt.

Penciled Eyebrows: I’ve known a few girls in my lifetime who would shave off their beautiful eyebrows only to replace them with thin pencil-marked ‘eyebrows’. This just baffles me. Is it because shaving them off and drawing them in takes less work? Is it because the person finds their eyebrows horrific and knows not what to do in order to fix them? However, if their goal to become more attractive in the eyes of others, how does having penciled eyebrows work in their favor? I for one frown upon them and encourage you shavers to find another means in getting nice eyebrows.

Being Overly Tan: For some odd reason, even when being overly tan to the point of being orange is ridiculed by the majority of society, people still do it. They go to in tanning beds and, instead of just giving themselves a little bit of color, they go full out and turn themselves orange. Attractive much? No. Dangerous much? Yes. Superficial much? Definitely. Anytime I see someone who has that artificial shade of skin color, I immediately think of someone who thinks of nothing more than being part of the “In” crowd. Someone I want to hang out with? Of course not.