Unexpected Errors

I think anyone who has ever used a computer has experienced the unexpected errors that causes a program to crash and shut down. There’s two types of programs in this world: one where no “Save” is needed, and one where it is. Although having a no-save-needed program crash is annoying, it isn’t that big of a deal.

However, when a program of the latter circumstances do crash, it touches a nerve, whether you’re typing something in Microsoft Word or drawing something in Photoshop.

What brought me to write this post is that reason exactly. I was just starting to work on my masterpiece creation on Photoshop, sketching out the floor plan for my art piece, when suddenly two minutes into it, the program crashed. Aggravated, I proceeded to open Photoshop once more. I redid my sketch, only to have the program crash once again five minutes later.

I didn’t think to save my piece because 1.) I was still in the preliminary stages and saving seemed unnecessary, 2.) I’ve only opened Photoshop for a few minutes. Plus, Photoshop is usually a steady program that rarely crashes.

I’m lucky that my work was only in the early stages! Remember that one episode of Boy Meets World where Cory’s mom was working on the computer, and as soon as she yelled out “I’m alllmoossttt done!”, the power went out because the mailbox that Shawn blew up included their electricity bill, and she pretty much lost all the work she’s done? Oh, the woe!

One of the perks of WordPress and emails is that they save the drafts every couple of minutes or so, so if your browser crashes or something, all is not lost. After all, nothing can be duplicated exactly like the original… Unless, of course, you copy and paste.

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