Review: Valentine’s Day

So I saw the movie Valentine’s Day during its opening weekend, and I must say that after watching the trailer, I was looking forward to it. This was mainly because I was hoping for a sort of ‘I hate valentine’s’  theme to the movie, which of course didn’t happen.

The movie was basically about several relationships dealing with each other during that oh-so romantic (fake) holiday.

Did I like it? For the most part, no. This movie just had too many stars, both good and bad, to really make viewers believe in each  character. It seems that the draw of the  movie were the actors itself.

I must note that in the theater I was in, there were several Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift fans, including those beside me. And whenever either of the two stars would show up on the screen, even if only the name “Taylor” appeared, there’d be horrific shrieks echoing the walls of  the room. It was insanely annoying. Just like Taylor Swift’s acting.

But back to the movie. Not only did Valentine’s Day have way too many stars, it had way too many story lines, and none were really developed enough for me to fully attach myself to. But I suppose the excuse for this is that the whole movie takes place in one day.

There  were, of course, good parts to the movie. One of them being Anne Hathaway’s accents. Hathaway plays a character who provides phone sex as a side job, so she’d have these different accents while saying random sexual things, which was very comical. Another being Julia Roberts, which I can’t say more about without spoiling her storyline, so mum’s the word. I do have to say that, be sure to watch during the credits for a special Julia Robert’s moment.

I give the movie: 5.5/10

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