Is there a Point to a Pokemon Remake?

On March 14th, the new Pokemon games, Heart Gold and Soul Silver, will be released. Just like Fire Red and Leaf Green games, the upcoming released games are remakes of the Gold and Silver where you try to enter and win the Johto League.

For some reason, The Pokemon Company likes to remake their video games, and I’m not complaining. When they decided to remake the original games, I was skeptical. But when I played it, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

For the most part,  the main draw for me were the graphics. Who doesn’t enjoy a colorful game compared to a monotone look? Then, there was the problem of game system. The originals were made for Gameboy Color whereas the newer ones were for Gameboy Advance.

Heart Gold and Soul Silver has also gotten an upgrade on its graphics, using 3D instead. Aside from that, some mini-games have been included, and you can use the touch-screen to play them. But what I found to be the feature that most grabbed my attention was the Pokewalker.

With this little pedometer device that comes inside every package, players can train their pokemon without even playing! How cool is that?!

The only problem for me is that I don’t currently own a Nintendo DS. Gah. I will though, which leads me to the next dilemma: which DS should I get? The original DS, DS lite, DS i, DS i XL?

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