America’s Sweetheart turns Glamour

The cover issue of Elle magazine is none other than Taylor Swift. Here are the photos from the shoot:

First off, I should say that I’m a huge fan of her songs … that weren’t introduced on the radio. The song “Love Song” and “Teardrops on my Guitar” makes my ear bleed. The lyrics are so corny and on-the-surface, they have made no real impact for me. It is songs like “Breathe”, “The Way I Loved You”, and “Fearless” are songs that have made me respect her as a singer/songwriter.

As a person, Taylor Swift seems to annoy me. Obviously, like any celebrity, we as bystanders only know such a high profile person from what is being said and portrayed through media. And through the media, Taylor Swift seems like the girl next door who is just the perfect little angel.

Being a fan that I am, I kept my eye out for her in the media, and eventually my likeness for her dispersed. Through the whole Kanye West fiasco and the Joe Jonas incident, she seems like a whiny girl always playing the victim.

During the Kanye West incident, it took her forever to stop bringing it up in interviews and such. I’m not saying what Kanye did was appropriate at all, far from it. But some things you just gotta let go! And with the Joe Jonas and the 27 second breakup issue, she continued to harass him in public over and over and over again. We get it, he’s a douche. Now, move on and focus on your new beau, which I believe is the other Taylor.

I suppose my little rant was my way to ease into my opinions on the photo shoot. I adore the photos! It steps away from her usual “goody-goody” glitter-sparkle dresses (I was getting really sick and tired of those glittery dresses) and more roughed up.

Ironically enough, the cover of this April 2010 issue has her in a gray sparkling dress. Gag.

    • river
    • March 6th, 2010

    ummm..I think you have this all wrong. Taylor never once brought up the kanye incident aside from her monologue on SNL and she never whined about it.

    Instead anytime she was asked about it she said he had no hard feelings toward kanye and that she didnt want to discuss it because it was something that happened and everyone saw it. She never “dissed” him, even immediately after it happened her answer when asked about it was she didnt want to make it a big issue as she had never met him and she had instead always liked his music.

    As for Joe, she never brought him up except on the Ellen show and when she was asked. Sure she would probably have been better off not talking about it, but obviously at the time she was very much in love with him and he hurt her badly, and from everything that has been said apparently led her on to believe she meant as much to him.

    I just don’t see her being anything but decent and nice to people in her interviews myself, and I dont even think she is “too nice” there’s always a hint of humor and self-deprecation in everything she says about herself.

  1. Thanks for replying with an explanation instead of just calling me a jerk, haha.

    Hm, I suppose you are right about the Kanye West incident. I might have exaggerated the situation. Perhaps from all the newspapers and websites headlining the incident, I’m getting it mixed up with what she actually said.

    However, with the Joe Jonas issue, I agree with you in the sense that she might have been in love with him and therefore very much hurt by what he did. However, instead of dealing with the issues privately, she decided to go about and humiliate him publically. To me, when something as sensitive as those matters of the heart, going on national television in order to out the other person is a big no-no.

    But she didn’t just say it on Ellen and on SNL. She even posted a video on her myspace insulting him:

    To me, that just makes her seem like an annoying schoolgirl.

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