Kate and Jon Gosselin with No Kids in Sight

Is it a shocker to find that Kate Gosselin, one of the parents in the reality show Jon and Kate Plus 8 is filling up her schedule with non-parental activities?

Pft, what kind of question is that?! *rolls eyes*

This recently divorced mother is now one of the contestants on Dancing With the Stars: Season 10, which means she will be busy dancing, and perhaps too busy to take care of her kids?

She has eight kids, for crying out loud. That is definitely not an easy task, and definitely not a crowd you can bring to something like Dancing With the Stars. So where are her kids, if not under maternal guidance?

It certainly is not with Jon Gosselin since he’s too busy posing for nude pictures. According to HuffingtonPost, the PlayGirl magazine initially wanted to pay him 20k for a nude shoot.

Of course, being the celebrity that he is, he wanted more. PlayGirl officials clearly declared that the only reason they wanted him in the magazine was for novelty purposes. But they’ve agreed to better the offer:

We’ve offered him $20,000. He told us that’s not much money. We told him $20,000 is $20,000. You could go to NYC for a year with that kind of money!”

Nardicio says Jon told the mag he’d think about it, and he tells X17online exclusively that they’ve extended an even better offer to the reality star:

“For every inch more than four, we’ll give him an additional $10,000.”


Maybe it is better that their kids are being taken care of by nannies and grandmothers than these pair. *facepalm*

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