Shopping Carts in Parking Lots

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Aside from a sold-out parking lot, there is nothing worse than shopping carts scattered in various places across the lot during a sold-out lot.

For the most part, modern shopping centers usually have several “cart centers” included in their parking lot that allows users of shopping carts to park once they lift their groceries out of the cart and into their car.

But people are so lazy and inconsiderate that they callously leave them anywhere they want!

The main reason that this can be annoying is because for the most parts, they are parked near the cars. This either doesn’t allow the car enough space to park or the cart can bump into the vehicles and leave a mark.

If there were no “cart centers” conveniently located on each aisle, then sure, leave them anywhere. But there is a reason they were created, so please use it and save a lot of people trouble and grief.

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