We are NOT Lebron…

Anybody who has been following the sports world even just moderately, knows that Lebron James is getting ready to become a free agent on July 1st. With other major NBA players like Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh becoming free agents as well, it promises to be a huge spectacle.

Originally this post was going to be about how pathetic the state of Ohio made themselves look by making their “We Are Lebron” video”. However it seems like someone realized how pitiful it made them look because “Break.com” the site that originally hosted the video has removed all instances of the clip and they’re aggressively keeping it off Youtube. Almost like it never happened…

It truly was pathetic. The video had Cleveland celebrities, local and state politicians all begging for Lebron to stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers. The sang (off-key) about how they would name streets after him. Even if the video was somewhat tongue-in-cheek, the whole video made everyone involved look pathetic for kowtowing to a spoiled multi-millionaire who already has an ego the size of Jupiter. When the state of Ohio has a lot of real problems with their economy in the toilet, maybe this video isn’t the best idea. This may explain why the video has “disappeared” from the Internet.

But just when I thought sanity was returning, here comes Mayor Bloomberg of New York with is own Lebron video:

On the plus side, Mayor Bloomburg is the only one who humiliates himself and the rest of the clip comes off as a tourist promotional video of New York. Though I still wonder how long it will be before this clip gets taken down as well.

Ironically, most basketball fans could care less about the Lebron Circus right now because Lebron is already in the wrong place. While Kobe, Gasol, Garnett, and Rondo battle it out in the Finals for another championship ring, Lebron is sitting at home for the third straight year in June, once again failing to meet expectations.

These cities may want to keep that in mind before they debase themselves to get an ego-maniacal player who has yet to win anything beyond individual awards.

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