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Avatar Movie

Now I know this is a blog about all things that is wrong in the world, but I’ve decided to add a For the Win! section, just to add some happiness to this site.

And for the first entry in that category is the new Avatar movie that was released last Friday. I have not been following this movie religiously like certain folks, I only watched the trailer since my friend wanted to watch it. Because of this, my expectations weren’t very high.

Turns out, I loved it.

The overall storyline is basic and have been seen in numerous other movies. However, the graphics were unbelievably realistic, the amount of detail that is put into the movement of the Na’vi’s is really strong, the emotions depicted are real, etc. For a basic storyline, they captured the essence of the movie greatly.

The movie is also in 3D, and what’s nice is that Avatar doesn’t do the in-your-face 3D action that most movies do. It’s subtle, and mostly used just to add more depth to the movie visually.

It’s almost a three-hour movie, but nothing seemed to drag.

What’s your thoughts? Have you seen it? Want to see it? Hate it or love it?