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Playstation has a Reality Show

On February 18th, Sony released its reality show ‘The Tester’ on the PlayStation store. Since I on’t currently own a PS3, I had to scrounge the internet, where I was only able to find a video of the first eleven minutes of episode one. The show is basically about eleven gamers competing to become a game tester for PlayStation. The prize in itself is already a fail.

Although I personally don’t have any experience being a tester, one of my family member used to be a tester for PlayStation, and the stories he told me about his experience weren’t really glamorous at all. He described the long hours, the crucial deadlines, and the monotony of it. Being a tester doesn’t mean you get to play the game as you would at home, because you’re looking for bugs and errors, so you would be playing the same level many a several times to find them. I suppose if you are the type who likes to find glitches, you’re perfect for the job.

In the first episode, I was able to watch a challenge where the contestants had to play a “spot the difference between two pictures” game. Okay, that makes sense. I mean, being a tester means having a critical eye, after all. But then, I watched the preview for the second episode.

Why are they running around a field inside a ball? How can that possibly be related to game testing?!

At one point in the show, a contestant surveys the room to see who is his competition and how he will strategize. Okay, first off, what is there to strategize?! If the objective of the show is to outshine the other contestants through playing of games, there is no need to create a complex tactic. Just beat them in the game! But I suppose if the challenges themselves do not involve games, rule out what I just said. Yet, since this reality show is a gaming show, playing games should be its main challenges.

As for the prize itself, aside from being an official tester for PlayStation, the winner will get a $5,000 bonus. Er, that’s it? A measly 5k?

I’m still interested in watching the show, however, just to see how much worse it can get. Anyone know where I can watch it online?


Is there a Point to a Pokemon Remake?

On March 14th, the new Pokemon games, Heart Gold and Soul Silver, will be released. Just like Fire Red and Leaf Green games, the upcoming released games are remakes of the Gold and Silver where you try to enter and win the Johto League.

For some reason, The Pokemon Company likes to remake their video games, and I’m not complaining. When they decided to remake the original games, I was skeptical. But when I played it, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

For the most part,  the main draw for me were the graphics. Who doesn’t enjoy a colorful game compared to a monotone look? Then, there was the problem of game system. The originals were made for Gameboy Color whereas the newer ones were for Gameboy Advance.

Heart Gold and Soul Silver has also gotten an upgrade on its graphics, using 3D instead. Aside from that, some mini-games have been included, and you can use the touch-screen to play them. But what I found to be the feature that most grabbed my attention was the Pokewalker.

With this little pedometer device that comes inside every package, players can train their pokemon without even playing! How cool is that?!

The only problem for me is that I don’t currently own a Nintendo DS. Gah. I will though, which leads me to the next dilemma: which DS should I get? The original DS, DS lite, DS i, DS i XL?