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Review: Valentine’s Day

So I saw the movie Valentine’s Day during its opening weekend, and I must say that after watching the trailer, I was looking forward to it. This was mainly because I was hoping for a sort of ‘I hate valentine’s’  theme to the movie, which of course didn’t happen.

The movie was basically about several relationships dealing with each other during that oh-so romantic (fake) holiday.

Did I like it? For the most part, no. This movie just had too many stars, both good and bad, to really make viewers believe in each  character. It seems that the draw of the  movie were the actors itself.

I must note that in the theater I was in, there were several Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift fans, including those beside me. And whenever either of the two stars would show up on the screen, even if only the name “Taylor” appeared, there’d be horrific shrieks echoing the walls of  the room. It was insanely annoying. Just like Taylor Swift’s acting.

But back to the movie. Not only did Valentine’s Day have way too many stars, it had way too many story lines, and none were really developed enough for me to fully attach myself to. But I suppose the excuse for this is that the whole movie takes place in one day.

There  were, of course, good parts to the movie. One of them being Anne Hathaway’s accents. Hathaway plays a character who provides phone sex as a side job, so she’d have these different accents while saying random sexual things, which was very comical. Another being Julia Roberts, which I can’t say more about without spoiling her storyline, so mum’s the word. I do have to say that, be sure to watch during the credits for a special Julia Robert’s moment.

I give the movie: 5.5/10


Review: Jennifer’s Body

Okay I know, why am I reviewing a movie that came out months ago? Being a poor college student, I don’t have the luxury of having pocket money to spend on expensive movie tickets to watch movies the day of its release. Instead, I rely on Netflix, meaning I mostly watch my movies via DVD.

Now that we’ve got that covered, I’ve just recently watched Jennifer’s Body, starring Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried, and I guess I have to agree with the majority of the critics regarding the movie. Although it was written by Diablo Cody, writer of Juno, this movie lacked many essential features.

But I suppose before we get into the actual review, a brief synopsis is in order. Set in the high school of Devil’s Kettle, popular hottie Jennifer is sacrificed to the Devil by a group of Indie Band in hopes by sacrificing her, their band gets instant fame. Unfortunately, for the sacrifice to work properly, the lady must be a virgin, which Jennifer is not. So, Jennifer continues to live, sort of, but to keep her energy and hunger full, she must become a cannibal.

Jennifer’s Body has its good and its bad. There’s definitely some humor in it, which you can expect from Diablo Cody. But as a film that falls into the category of horror, I wasn’t scared at all (and believe you me, I am a wimp when it comes to any supernatural crap). The movie had some blood, I suppose, but nothing too gory. And they don’t even show Jennifer really tearing a human apart, only the silhouette of the scene. Lame.

One scene that instantly comes to mind is when Jennifer just got sacrificed and she appears in Needy’s (the best friend) kitchen.

Looking all bloodied up, she awkwardly heads to the fridge, rummages, starts eating a piece of meat, and then vomiting black liquid goo. Perhaps this was supposed to be a terrifying sight, but I couldn’t help laughing uncontrollably. Yet this might be because hottie Megan Fox was growling at Seyfried and savagely eating a drumstick instead of keeping her picture-perfect pose. Gotta give props to her for doing something so … grotesque.

Storyline-wise, things seemed to jump ahead too fast, but all the same, it seems like nothing major really happened. Jennifer only killed three boys, and over a fair amount of time. It wasn’t as if she went on a rampage and ate half the school, so she wasn’t really threatening. And once she told Needy about her secret, there wasn’t really any conflict, except that Needy needed to kill Jennifer.

This movie is not to be taken seriously. It definitely has its flaws, but if you’re a Megan Fox fan, then you’ll enjoy it. And if you’re not big on horror movies, then watch this.

Oh, and anyone else disappointed by the big fight between Jennifer and Needy?

Avatar Movie

Now I know this is a blog about all things that is wrong in the world, but I’ve decided to add a For the Win! section, just to add some happiness to this site.

And for the first entry in that category is the new Avatar movie that was released last Friday. I have not been following this movie religiously like certain folks, I only watched the trailer since my friend wanted to watch it. Because of this, my expectations weren’t very high.

Turns out, I loved it.

The overall storyline is basic and have been seen in numerous other movies. However, the graphics were unbelievably realistic, the amount of detail that is put into the movement of the Na’vi’s is really strong, the emotions depicted are real, etc. For a basic storyline, they captured the essence of the movie greatly.

The movie is also in 3D, and what’s nice is that Avatar doesn’t do the in-your-face 3D action that most movies do. It’s subtle, and mostly used just to add more depth to the movie visually.

It’s almost a three-hour movie, but nothing seemed to drag.

What’s your thoughts? Have you seen it? Want to see it? Hate it or love it?