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When all else fails, boobs.

To your left are web advertisements. Look at them. What’s the first thing you saw?

What these two companies, IMVU and Evony, are doing in order to market their product is definitely brilliant, but not unheard of. Sex sells, and they’re doing all they can to sell.

The two ads are for games. IMVU is a 3D virtual chat world where you can create an avatar, dress him/her up in provocative outfits, and chat with other people.

In a sense, the ads for IMVU is relevant, seeing that many people who join virtual chats are drawn by the graphics. And since we all know that behind the computer is a jobless, overweight, and hairy thirty-five year old man who still lives in his mom’s basement, the graphics for IMVU is meant to give every avatar the perfected look.

Evony, however, is similar to ‘Civilization’ where you overlook and control a village. This is nowhere near the same type of game as IMVU.

Evony’s ads then becomes very misleading. I’m sure most of their ad clicks are due to people who thinks they’ll be seeing some X-Rated action, only to be disappointed.

One can only question the success of Evony then, because if their game is top-rated, they wouldn’t need to go through such measures to lure people onto their site.

But boobage definitely seems to be working for them seeing as their ads are everywhere!