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Trends that’s Got-to-Go

As the fashion queen Wilhelmina Slater herself said “Are you wearing Gladiator sandals? Are we in Ancient Rome? Will you be wrestling a lion?” while she tells the employee to take them off and orders Marc to burn them.

I have to admit these sandals were cute when they first hit the stores, but these sandals simply got overused and therefore must go. They’re still nice when they are treated as heels. However, when the straps are made of metallic snakeskin texture, it looks nasty.

Fedoras. There’s just something about them that I really don’t like. They look like cowboy hats but.. with less rim? I see them on a lot of artists, and it just bugs the crap out of me.

Maxi-Dress. With spring now in season, we’ll be seeing these dresses a lot more. Ugh. Full dresses just don’t fit well with me unless they’re for formal events, so these dresses are a no.